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I got class names using SOQL. SELECT Name FROM ApexClass Using workbench: Put those classes in the below structure: <classAccesses> <apexClass>ClassName</apexClass> <enabled>true</enabled> </classAccesses> And deployed using meta-data. Though this is not what I would prefer but this is what I had.


This appears to me to be a textbook use case for Apex-Managed Manual Sharing. You'd use a trigger on the Account object to programmatically insert and maintain AccountShare records. The trigger would need to react to changes in the lookup field, as well as to changes of ownership (since Manual sharing records don't survive ownership changes). It'd remove ...


I did a quick test and it is indeed possible to upload a file using guest user in a community. Below are further details on your specific questions. Is it possible to upload files as a guest user in a community? Yes. Or does this checkbox/setting only work with the aura component file:upload? The Org setting is applicable for LWC as well. Could I ...


They are enabled if you add the (slightly misleadingly named) EventLogFile Feature into your scratch org definition file. It's not documented as such, but I just tested it. All the features can be found here:


Other than using code to generate permission set data (which is possible - iterate the schema and generate the required XML as a string which you debug log out; run the code, copy and paste the XML into a permission set meta XML file and deploy), I don't know of a way to do this for profiles for more than one object at a time. If one object at a time is ...

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