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Inquiry Regarding Salesforce Integration License Session Expiry

Users who have the Salesforce Integration license automatically get the Salesforce API Only System Integrations profile. If you edit that profile, and change the Session Settings, then all users (i.e....
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Exposing the contract object in the customer portal

Contracts are available in Customer Community license now Just putting it here incase someone else lands ...
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Not able to remove the default record type from Some Standard Community Profile and External Profile

According to the Salesforce documentation, some standard profiles, such as Chatter Only, Chatter Free, Package License Manager, Platform Integration User, and Salesforce Administrator, do not allow ...
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View default record type on all the objects on a particular profile

You can go to Setup -> Profile -> System Administrator (can be any profile; Click on this name) Look under the Record Type Settings section, it will show all the available record type for the ...
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Does it make sense to use ProfilePasswordPolicy metadata in an sfdx project?

Duh. The answer is "yes it does". SFDX works as expected. The new SFDX command structure includes his informative "preview" option that explains the root of my problem: sf project ...
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Can I assign Permission set to a profile instead of user?

You can't add Permission Sets to profile, but you can use a work around. Create a corresponding Permission Set Group for each Profile. Then always add Users to the Profile AND the Permission Set Group....
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