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getObjectInfo/getPicklistValues permissions needed in public community

Setup -> All Sites -> Workspaces -> Preferences -> check the checkbox Allow guest users to access public APIs It works for me
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Including Profiles/Permission Sets in AppExchange package

I generally advise against including any Profiles in a managed package. The semantics of how Profiles are handled on install are deeply confusing: If the user installs interactively, they map your ...
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Any connection between Custom Permissions and Profile?

It's called SetupEntityAccess, which you can query to get the current permissions, and then delete. String permName = 'Demo'; CustomPermission p = [SELECT Id FROM CustomPermission WHERE DeveloperName =...
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When a new Object is added to the Org, Bot User should get automatic Read Access

Thanks @cropredy for pointing me to Veiw All Data under System Permissions (on Profile or Permission Set). This automatically adds Read and View All to all objects, including newly added objects. It ...
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