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How to set org wide default home page through metadata api? Not for specific app or profiles

I believe I have found the answer. As was pointed out above, you can go to Setup > Feature Settings > Home Use the Set Default Page button to set your desired home page. Retrieve the Tabs, ...
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Mass Delete flow and flow versions

You can query the Flow object directly using the Tooling API and then delete the versions via Salesforce Inspector Reloaded. Here is an example query to fetch the flow versions: SELECT Id, Status, ...
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Metadata API readMetadata truncates base64 values?

I stumbled across this looking for an answer and did some investigation. It looks like that for both AuraDefinitionBundle and LightningComponentBundle the behaviour is the same, readMetadata does ...
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Duplicating the list of fields from one object to a new object

Trying to dive into the Metadata API is definitely throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool. This is not something that's reasonable to expect from someone with no experience with Salesforce. ...
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Duplicating the list of fields from one object to a new object

ChatGPT has failed to mention that you need to deploy this code in order to to use the MetadataService class. This class isn't part of the standard Apex Code library. In general, be careful when using ...
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