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Perform DML on Salesforce Object from non-salesforce user

You need to set up the Guest User Profile to include access to the Apex Class. Go to the Digital Experience Builder, then click on the gear icon (Settings), then click on the profile link at the ...
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Check if user have set security Question

In Salesforce, there isn't a direct way to fetch the information about whether a user has set a security question during their past logins. This is because Salesforce does not provide a specific field ...
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Best Practices for CRUD/FLS/SHARING checks in unmanaged code

Here is my recommendations based on my experience working on the unmanaged code Secure By Default Principle - Run any apex code in the user mode unless you need to explicitly run in System mode. A ...
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Is it possible to disable Salesforce Authenticator App completely?

Here is a setting which allows to disable MFA. However, if I understood correctly, Salesforce will force MFA for all customers gradually, and the whole customer base will be moved to it by spring 2024....
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How to make an attached document to record visible only for the owner

If you are using document object, you can control the visibility from its folder. If you are using file, then you control its visibility using the contentdocumentlink. If files are being uploaded from ...
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Salesforce equivalent of AWS Secrets Manager?

To reduce the effort of having to create managed packages for "one-off" secrets, we created a general purpose ENV management library. It's closer to Heroku ENV management than AWS secrets ...
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Restrict access to specific fields when using Salesforce Integration User Licence on Standard objects (like Contacts)

If you modify the Salesforce API Only System Integrations profile the normal way - through Setup in the Salesforce UI, you can't set field level permissions for some of the standard objects (like ...
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