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Images uploaded to RTF on a record are viewable if the context user has at least Read access to the record the RTF is on. This means you need to add a Guest User Sharing Rule to share Read access to records that have these images. Setup -> Security -> Sharing Settings Select your object in question, add a Sharing Rule, select "Site Guest User"...


This is now fully supported by Salesforce, and with the Summer 21 release is mandatory, as Sites and Communities will no longer support HTTP. Once you've chosen your custom domain, there's an excellent write up about securing with SSL at : - I've been using these instructions ...


I found a different work around to bypass sites and visualforce pages altogether. I discovered that users on Chatter Free licenses can access flows, so I am going to add my other coworkers as Salesforce Users on chatter free licenses and distribute the flow to them. That way the flow will automatically render in lightning runtime and the upload ...


u have first to enable external sharing on the file level:

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