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What is the meaning of Type field on PermissionSet standard object in Salesforce?

Not every field with 'reference' type is actually lookup. For the standard field, only those which end with 'Id' are lookups, with some exceptions. This field can have several values Group|Profile|...
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sObject type 'OrderItem' is not supported in Flow Get Records on OrderItem

To enable true visibility to Object OrderItem, the running user must have R on Pricebook and R on Product2 This is because OrderItem.PricebookEntryId is a required field and it is a junction record ...
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Minimum permissions for a Salesforce Integration license user to create Users and assign permission sets

The Object Reference doc for User is silent on what permission is needed for field ProfileId. It does say To create or update a User record, you must have the Manage Internal Users permission. and I ...
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