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Packaging Reports containing field to field comparisons

Confirmed with Salesforce support that this is a limitation in the retrieval of metadata but it's undocumented. So where the report contains a field to field comparison e.g. <filter> <...
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Salesforce Connected App (sfdx)

You'll want to check out Package Connected Apps in Second-Generation Managed Packaging for more information. In summary, though, you need to create a 1GP, create the Connected App in the Packaging Org,...
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OmniStudio licenses for Scratch Org

These two new features will enable OmniStudio to the scratch org: { "features": [ "OmniStudioDesigner", "OmniStudioRuntime" ] } Although they are not ...
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Data not visible in UI for Managed package

Because it is executed from the package's post-install script, the batch will run in the context of the package's "ghost user". If you have records being created by the batch, unless you ...
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Unable to create a package version. Support do not help

If you want to create a package version by raising the patch number, you need to raise a case with Salesforce support as suggested by the error message (see
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