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I guess you are filtering on the wrong field. Segment (API Name Segment__c ) is the field on the Account object. while you are entering the id of Segment record which is an independent object record hence it showing the blank report. you can create the joint report account with the opportunity Account with the client segment the second report type will ...


OK - well.. answering my own question: These are the dumb things that happen when you forget to check .forceignore first Yes, a prior developer marked this object to be ignored. Thus, it merely had the appearance of a successful deployment.


I had the same issue. My mistake was that I forgot check Track Field History in the object settings. So for view field history you should do these steps: Check 'Track Field History' in the OBJECT settings: 2. Open Fields and Relationship -> Set History Tracking. 3. Add 'YourObjectName History' related list to page layout


The actual problem here is that you're populating the data incorrectly: <apex:inputText id="studentId" value="{!Withdrawal__c.Opportunity_Contact__r.Student_ID__c}" /> You need to be able to access the data through the field path above. But in Apex, you're setting it up: Opportunity Opp = [Select Id, Student_ID__c From Opportunity ...

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