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Get Object API name of any Lookup field

Here's a way to do it without Schema.getGlobalDescribe(), since Schema.getGlobalDescribe() is expensive. I've taken the other poster's code and tweaked it a bit to remove the Schema.getGlobalDescribe. ...
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Creating Custom Object__c

When you create a custom object in the UI, you don't type in the __c; it will be added automatically. When you create a custom object in an API, you must include the __c in the fullName attribute. ...
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Creating Custom Object__c

I dont think when we Create custom we need to add __c to the Object, After we create the Object i.e after saving, SF automatically appends __c to that Object When creating a custom Object you just ...
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Custom object doesn't appear in "Related Entity Type" dropdown for Lightning Email Template

I was missing the "Allow Activities", so I enabled it. I tried everything listed above to get it to show up. Refresh, hard refresh, cache reset. Event switched browsers. Nothing helped, so I ...
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