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Definitely, the child required a parent record to access. But if you check the schema of the Standard object account it shows a self-master-detail relationship. It is possible in salesforce but we need extra access.


In a parent-child subquery, you need to use the child relationship name. In many cases, it will simply be the plural of the child object name + '__r' (so EquipmentProposals__r would be the first thing to try). There are a few ways to get the child relationship name if it's not the plural like looking at the field definition for the relationship field on the ...


Updating the correct answer to note that lookup relationships using Opportunity Products are possible as of Spring 21.


I had this issue too and it was definitely related to caching. After realizing I didn't have Allow Activities checked on the object settings page, I couldn't see it even after logging out and back in. Once I cleared my cookies for the sandbox I was in, it appeared.

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