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Can't link custom object in report type

When building a custom report type, you can't go "down" and then "up" again. Instead, you can start from Object__c, and then use the "Add fields via lookup" to include ...
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Change Task Status default and closed value

We ran into the same issue. Setting the default picklist value for the record type in question allowed us to save the picklist value with the closed checkbox checked. It appears Salesforce is missing ...
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How can i change default list view for custom object

In the normal Classic mode, you can't override or default this page to go into your default view. You can either create a new Classic Console, or switch to Lightning Experience.
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How do I resolve timeout error when pulling in a large object from Salesforce

Use XL-Connector or XL-Connector 365. They work fast and reliably with up to 1,048,000 records (that's Excel row limit), and they can move the data both down and up the pipeline. Disclaimer: I work ...
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