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how to create lwc component to create new record for custom object ? only the name field is saving but other fields are not saving

In addition to Gaurav Suthar comment. Since Spring 20 release, the @track decorator is no longer required anymore to lwc attributes.
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Remove Related To from Email Layout

I found out the option finally in the Global Actions as shown below Here you can remove "Related To" from the layout
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Can we change Api Name of a field and change the Parameters and Return Type of an Aura Enabled Methods in a Patch Version

When using patch versions of 1GP and 2GP managed packages, there are significant limitations. However, the specifics are not well documented and this does lead to confusion. Over the years we have ...
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Can we change Api Name of a field and change the Parameters and Return Type of an Aura Enabled Methods in a Patch Version

As mentioned in the documentation: You cannot change the label and API name of a field of custom metadata in a patch version. This is considered a major change that requires a new package version. ...
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Auto populating default values from Lightning button not working

It was one of the weirdest thing I came to know about Salesforce. The lightning button worked when I changed the code as shown below. /lightning/o/Custom_Request__c/new?recordTypeId=0127ZyyyyyyyyyQAK&...
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Make lightning:inputRichText length longer

This worked for me. It retains the side slider when you've added more lines of text. .THIS .ql-editor.slds-rich-text-area__content {min-height:800px;}
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Custom object doesn't appear in "Related Entity Type" dropdown for Lightning Email Template

I followed the advice of all these replies, but couldn't get the new related object to appear until I switched out of my custom Lightning Console app (in the Lightning App Switcher) and into a default ...
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Lightning layout issue when containing accordion

The Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) CSS won't work correctly unless you follow the rules. In this case, a lightning-accordion-section should be placed directly inside the lightning-accordion....
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Quick Action on related list

This is alternate way not straight forward. First you need to create a lighting action button in Parent Object(Account). Then you go to Child Object(Contact) create a new Listview button pass the ...
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An internal server error has occurred on Experience cloud site with embedded Google Map

The issue you faced was a multi-customer issue. The GACK -1685232593 points to java.lang.NullPointerException and the Salesforce Product team has filed a bug #W-14417472 internally to fix the issue. ...
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An internal server error has occurred on Experience cloud site with embedded Google Map

I am currently experiencing the same bug, I dont know when it started and I dont know how to fix it. The only thing I know is that it works in the partial and dev orgs. Only in the production ...
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Refresh the page after the flow completes

I had a similar request, and the LWC component work for some use cases but it was not working for mine. Why? I am launching a screen flow from a Object Button/...
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List Button not showing at top of List View for Custom Object in Lightning

What solved this for me is editing the details of your object to Allow Search. List View Button Layout showed up immediately.
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Increase the performance/speed of Jquery dataTable in a LWC component

I think you can divide your data and display it in chunks. When you receive your data, split your data in 100 and remaining records. Display first only 100 records and when they scroll down keep on ...
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Is there a way to use lightning:fileUpload from a Visualforce Page?

The only option as far as I have came across is to use normal HTML input type=file and handling the upload in js itself. Then you would have to use some custom styles to make it look like a lightning ...
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