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Can we use speech recognition functionality using microsoft-cognitiveservices-speech-sdk in lwc?

It seems to be possible, as it is stated in the home page: The JavaScript versions of the Cognitive Services Speech SDK supports browser scenarios as well as the Node.js environment. In theory, all ...
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Avoid parent record locking

This system design is required for proper system operation where each transaction is ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable). Instead, like every other database that is considered reliable, ...
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Validate an email in Marketing Cloud using APIs

This endpoint can help you validate whether an email address meets certain criteria. The checks you can perform can be either or a combination of: SyntaxValidator: Validates that the email address ...
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How to get status of query definition

Outside of an Automation, that information isn't available -- as far as I know. Perhaps if the InteractionObjectID property on the QueryDefinition was retrievable, but it's not.
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How to Deactivate Trigger using Apex code

If you need to deactivate an Apex trigger in Salesforce programmatically, using the Tooling API can be a powerful approach. The following code demonstrates how to deactivate a trigger through a series ...
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Is there a way to validate the web app authentication integation on SFMC?

Just try it, that is not really something you need much special knowledge in Marketing Cloud for. Mess your subdomain up on purpose, send the API call. It returns StatusCode 596 unknown. React on that ...
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