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How to set org wide default home page through metadata api? Not for specific app or profiles

I believe I have found the answer. As was pointed out above, you can go to Setup > Feature Settings > Home Use the Set Default Page button to set your desired home page. Retrieve the Tabs, ...
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Deployment issue:no custom field named Case.SourceId found

In 2024, we encountered the same issue when deploying Profile: In field: field - no CustomField named Case.SourceId found And I found that the Live Agent could no longer be found in the Setup. Later, ...
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Check test covarage before push? I'm trying to deploy and execute staged Apex Classes tests before git push

There's no easy way to find "all staged Class Names and their Tests." After all, any given class may be covered by just one test (e.g. controller classes), while others might be involved in ...
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