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Which context do Record-Triggered Flows run in?

Explicit checking in validation rules for custom permissions does not mean the flow is running in user mode; such validation rules are always run and when they reference contextual user-related ...
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Some flows not working on 2G managed package in Production Org

Update: Issue solved! Turns out, Flows can be kinda quirky with how they handle Namespace prefixes. It's a bit inconsistent: sometimes you need the prefix, other times, not so much. This totally ...
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What is the meaning of Type field on PermissionSet standard object in Salesforce?

Not every field with 'reference' type is actually lookup. For the standard field, only those which end with 'Id' are lookups, with some exceptions. This field can have several values Group|Profile|...
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Check if user has a custom permission group assigned in Salesforce Flow

A far easier solution is to add a Custom Permission to one or more of the Permission Sets in the Permission Set Group(s) Then you can use $Permission.Foo or $Permission.Bar in a Flow expression (they ...
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Licenses & Permission sets

At the time of this answer, Permission Set Licenses for ISVs is in development. For now, a package that has a limited number of licenses requires subscribers to assign both a license and permission ...
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I am getting this error: You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. on a Experience cloud site

Please note, you have given edit access to the object, but not Modify all access, possibly this record is still read-only(after adding permission set) to the user trying to edit the same. So navigate ...
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