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How to resolve Stored XSS and reflected XSS in visualforce page?

In order to answer this completely, I've made a number of assumptions: Variable Data Type i apex/iterator variable with a number itemPriceIdVsProductToShowMap[i].quantity a number itemIndexCount a ...
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How to Link a Developer Edition Salesforce Org to a Partner Edition Org?

Is it possible to link my developer org with own namespace to the partner console? If yes, how and detailed steps? No. If 1 is not possible, is there any chance to create an additional partner ...
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Chat bot on Multiple Communities

Yes, we have implemented Einstein bot which we connected to two communities and several external sites. It is no problem to add it. Just place it. There might be some limitation, not every page allows ...
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I am getting the following error while trying to export a Community template

To resolve this issue do the following: Provide "Manage Enablement Essentials" permission to your user. Change the title of site and template Once done, publish it then export. All the ...
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LWC equivalent of lightning:unsavedChanges?

WARNING: This is a solution based on an experimental API only available in the Chromium browser family. It is not supported by Safari or Firefox. I tried using the beforeunload event, but since the ...
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