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With Sharing and Without Sharing scenario

When Class A declared "with sharing" class calls Class B declared "without sharing", queries in Class B will run without sharing. Sometimes that's needed. This is where "...
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How to avoid "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id" error when inserting a master detail child of Contact by a Community User?

I faced the same challenge recently. In master detail relationship, if current user is not the owner of the master record and he is trying to create a new child record, and it was giving me error that ...
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ContentVersion is not visible but CDL is

I got an official response from the Salesforce team. Looks like FirstPublishedLocation has field-level security that enables it as read-only for the owners of the ContentVersion
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How Deep is Implicit Sharing?

You'll want to read about Implicit Sharing, but basically, the answer is "No." Implicit sharing of the parent only applies to the AccountId field for a case, contact, or opportunity, and ...
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Customer Community Plus Portal User can't edit own contact record

Answering this in case it's helpful for other folks I needed to ensure that the CRUD permission for the Contact object included the Edit permission (it did not) When I had initially done this, I had ...
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