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populate data extension with api response based on values in another data extension

You could have a look at the HTTPGet function in ampscript, and fetch the url when the emails are being generated. If you want to maintain a DE holding the combination of the location and URL, you can ...
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How to feed IER (individual email result) with Tracking Triggered Send information (triggered send via API from external app)

I am answering this question, even though it's almost three years old, because the answer might be useful for those who have the same question in the future. Place the sendable Data Extension (...
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sending user-initiated email via API

Not 100% sure if you NEED to do this by objectId, but it is the safest bet in any case. For scheduling: POST yourSoapEndpoint + "Service.asmx" Headers: contentType = 'text/xml;charset=UTF-8;'...
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Request Compression SOAP API

Yes, it does. If a client compress the request and includes a Content-Encoding HTTP header with the name of the compression algorithm (either gzip or deflate), Salesforce decompresses it before ...
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