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Error in email preview when using Lookup() with _subscriberkey

From the screenshot of your error message it seems there is some unwanted html added inside your AMPscript. Try using a code snippet block for the AMPscript or make sure you edit your AMPscript in the ...
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How can I discover the users and emails from a group email using Apex?

The Group object has an Email field. If you query the group table in your org with this given email, should it return one or more groups, you may use the group identifiers to query the GroupMember ...
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Journey Builder sending to the wrong email address

We've tried everything you mentioned. We finally opened a case to support and apparently there was a bug updating the All Subscribers and All Contacts list after the send-out. To sum up: the emails ...
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Journey Builder sending to the wrong email address

If you have multiple email address type fields in the DE, it could happen that Salesforce is picking the wrong one. In order to verify to which email address the Journey is sending to, you can go to ...
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Why isn't my link getting populated when using AMPscript

You should use the Concat function along with RedirectTo, to implement this properly. Resulting in following code: <a href="%%=RedirectTo(Concat("",@variable1,&...
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How to Correctly Exclude Checkout Day in Daily Rate Calculation with AMPscript?

I see you are very close to solve it. I've noticed the 14th line has this: For @i = 0 TO @dateDiff - 1 do. You cannot subtract the date difference through the operator, you would need to use the ...
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How to fetch data of users entering into journey and data of users in wait period activities in journey builder

we do not have any specific report available to see all users entering the data by a report. There is a solution mentioned in Stack exchange and you can probably refer to that, its also related to a ...
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is there a programmatic API to access transaction emails opens / clicks / unsubscribes

You can use the Send SOAP object data, which is an always fresh, aggregated summary of all send jobs from account inception. I have blog post about mirroring this data back into a Data Extension, but ...
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Transactional Email API: TriggeredSend definition not enabled for this route

For others that are encountering the same error, if you have created your emails through the UI, there is a different endpoint you can try: /messaging/v1/messageDefinitionSends/{...
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