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Is it possible to write a SQL Query to extract send data that includes Tags and/or Campaign names

Discover has been retired. Use Intelligence reports to track through campaign.
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Cannot query ConversationEntry records for Enhanced Whatsapp Channel

Enhanced Messaging channels use off-Core storage and this is why ConversationEntry records cannot be accessed via SOQL. In order to fetch this data, you must use Core Connect API: https://developer....
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Can we get all apex class that can be scheduled?

Adding my 2 cents here. From Winter 23, Salesforce has come up with ApexTypeImplementor object which can be used to get information on the Apex Classes which directly or indirectly implement an ...
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SOQL query on child object to retrieve parent record name

When querying for related data, you need to drop the Id part of standard relationships or change the __c to __r for a custom relationship field (master-detail or lookup). So you need to use ...
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Extracting _sent data view from parent business unit via SQL query not returning all records

If you want exclude specific BU, then use this SQL snippet below to accommodate Parent BU's NULL value for the OYBAccountID column. ISNULL(OYBAccountID, 0) != 1234567
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