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Query subscribers who have not opened an email in the last XX days

SELECT DISTINCT s.SubscriberKey, s.SubscriberId AS EmailId, s.jobid FROM _Sent s LEFT JOIN _Open o ON s.SubscriberKey = o.SubscriberKey AND o.IsUnique = 1 WHERE o.SubscriberKey IS NULL
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SOQL help with ProcessInstance related objects

Your child select in semi-join does nothing. If you want to query 2 child objects you just do SOQL on the parent and put sub-queries into SELECT I think what you are looking for it is SELECT Id, (...
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Apex Batch QueryLocator : SOQL statements cannot query aggregate relationships more than 1 level away from the root entity object

Even if this were supported, this is a bad idea. Even using just plain one-level subquery causes significant performance penalties in batchable classes in the start method. You can, and should, query ...
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data is not showing on UI screen what is error in my program plz ans if any know this what mistake i m doing in this

You have declared searchInput twice in your JavaScript file. In your @wire service, you're using searchInput: '$searchKey', but searchKey is not defined anywhere in your code. You should use ...
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Querying parent-->Child-->Grand child data using salesforce API

I know I'm way late to the party, but now in the Summer '24 release you can traverse five levels of parent child records. List<Account> accts = [SELECT Name, (SELECT LastName, (...
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Data Loader - Unable to Proceed beyond Edit Your Query

finally i am able to solve the issue. please close data loader and open again with "Run As a Administrator" option it will work
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