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I think that here you can use a HTTP Mock Factory to handle different status codes. Let's say we have this call out: public class ExternalSearch { public class ExternalSearchException extends Exception{} public static String googleIt(String query) { Http h = new Http(); HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest(); req.setEndpoint('


One alternative way to get this working is stop using the out of box generated apex class and instead hand craft the required SOAP request and make an https callout using http system class. The out of box functionality today t hat converts WSDL to apex does not support wss security. Check the post here (Forming SOAP header through apex class if the WSDL ...


This is one of such cases where you need a middleware like mulesoft or something similar made and hosted on public IP. You will call a certain endpoint with JSON data of the URL you wanna validate, that 3rd party middleware will proxy and do callout to the URL you provided and return if URL is valid or not.

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