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You will have hard time fetching these values with SSJS, as the request you are executing is done in frontend Java Script (where SSJS is running in the backend). This means, that the response received is "too late for the party", as your SSJS has already finished executing, when the content of your Google Sheet is returned to the page. I will ...


You need to understand the data structure you are dealing with, and how parsing it works. The reason is that Platform.Function.AddObjectArrayItem(rr, "Properties", "SubscriberKey"); , more specifically "AddObjectArrayItem" ADDS Subscriber Key, which is stored in the data extension as an OBJECT (a key:value pair), to the ...


TL;DR - just because code works in one browser and not the others does not mean you don’t have syntax errors. I had 3 lines of code that were duplicate and looking for the wrong cookie for a lookup. In Chrome and Safari it threw the exception, in FireFox it didn’t.


After multiple different solutions, I've decided to go for the RaiseError function. The exclusion will not happen too many times, so this should be sufficient enough.

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