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How to refresh synchronized data extension to see new fields?

After doing this to sync a new field, I was unable to do preview and test. Did anyone else experienced this issue?
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Marketing Cloud REST API - GET method to Data Extensions

Please check, it has newly added REST APIs
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Cannot Query Synchronized Data Extension

I used ENT, and it worked. select ID from ent.Contact_Salesforce_1 where CONTACT_NPI__c<>''
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Update contact record in native DE on journey - will the update be available for later steps in journey?

Correct, the Journey Entry data extension will be a snapshot for that record. You can still build this use-case though. Simply use a different Data Extension as the target for Update Contact activity. ...
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How to change/update DataExtensionField's length using ssjs?

I assume you can get a list of field object IDs where these fields have field type is Text and their Max Length < 250. Then you can put them in an array and process it through a loop. I would do ...
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Journey Builder sending to the wrong email address

We've tried everything you mentioned. We finally opened a case to support and apparently there was a bug updating the All Subscribers and All Contacts list after the send-out. To sum up: the emails ...
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Tracking extract - attributes file

As the attribute in Tracking Extract needs to be a Subscriber attribute, it is not sufficient only to have it available as a field on the sendable data extension. What you could consider, is to use a ...
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Journey Builder sending to the wrong email address

If you have multiple email address type fields in the DE, it could happen that Salesforce is picking the wrong one. In order to verify to which email address the Journey is sending to, you can go to ...
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Marketing Cloud - SQL Contatenate columns in alphabetical order

If you're wanting to sort and concatenate all of the field values, you can do something like this: CREATE TABLE OCP_CONTACT_EVENT_REASON_DETAIL_constraints ( field1 varchar(10) , constraintl ...
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