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You need to link on the TriggeredSendDefinitionObjectID. Each email is sent out via Triggered Send. You can make a SOAP Retrieve for a TriggeredSendDefinition based upon TriggeredSendDefinitionObjectID in your SendEvents. The TriggeredSendDefinition will contain information about the Email that was linked.


Take a look at this help page on creating a Custom Profile Center with AMPscript. Your custom profile center allows you to both manage information inside your Marketing Cloud account and use that information to conduct triggered sends as confirmation of more or changed information in a particular profile. The automation allows the user to keep ...


Here is the complex Type for StringList (From the Enterprise WSDL): <complexType name="StringList"> <sequence> <element name="values" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/> </sequence> </complexType> And ChangeEventHeader (From the Partner WSDL): <simpleType name="changeEventType"> <...

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