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I did a similar thing in the past. I fixed it fist by parsing the XML retrieved from connect into JSON using xml2js library const parser = new xml2js.Parser(); const message = await parser.parseStringPromise(xml); The fields that you add to a DocuSign document are included deep into the json structure const tabStatus = message.DocuSignEnvelopeInformation....


A closer look at the XML file makes the problem apparent: There is an empty line / blank space before the XML prolog. Clearing out everything before the <xml version... resolved the somewhat cryptic error message.


You can use single quotes around your XML, so: set @xml = '<root><listing bedrooms="3" bathrooms="2.0" /><listing bedrooms="" bathrooms=""/></root>' Or you can use use two double-quotes, so: set @xml = "<root><listing bedrooms=""3"" bathrooms=""2.0&...


You didn't specify details of exactly how you retrieved and deployed the file. But it sounds like you retrieved with a newer API version (itemInstances was introduced in API 49) and deployed with an older API version (46.0). This would definitely cause an error.

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