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Through manual testing, I believe the ApexTestResultLimits.LimitContext field is not displaying what you would logically assume it is. It doesn't appear to be related to what the documentation claims. Or it simply isn't working at all. I did a baseline SOQL query to measure the current state of the records: Select Id, ApexTestResultId, CreatedDate, ...


SFDClib is pretty basic (especially when it comes to documentation), but I've used it to retrieve and deploy metadata quite successfully.


They most certainly do get automatically deleted. If they weren't purged periodically they would eventually add up to a significant number of records. Looking in the Dev org I'm currently connected to I can see ApexTestRunResult records dating back to 14-Jan-20 1:36:57 AM. So about a month ago. Note that all the ApexTestRunResult records are parented by an ...

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