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I've found a work around for this issue using the REST api instead of the Java SOAP api. For some reason, the REST api doesn't run into this issue.


You can write a similar piece of code, but you can't replicate this annotation feature from Java. In Apex I can see this working with ifs statements inside the apply method. "If plus sign, then sum, if minus sign, subtract, otherwise do nothing" public class Operator { public String op_sign; public Operator (String op_sign) { this.op_sign ...


Is the compatibility the same for Hybrid SDK ? The MCCordovaPlugin is simply a wrapper/interface for the SDK and will share the SDK's compatibility and dependency requirements.


You need to create Pardot Dynamic Content, then insert the provided embed code (javascript) onto your website (can be any website). Insert Pardot field variables within the Dynamic Content and they will render with prospect data from Pardot. Of course you'll need a Pardot plan that has Dynamic Content feature.

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