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Named slots in LWC components not working

Create Custom Layout Components describes the process for doing so. Everything should work as you've laid it out here. Note that this currently only works on a LWR template, so make sure you're not in ...
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Named slots in LWC components not working

slot is a placeholder for markup that a parent component passes into a component’s body. so, you have to pass the data in to the slots from another component most likely from a parent. you would have ...
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LWC Quick Actions in Experience Builder

Now LWC Quick actions are supported in Experience Builder as well. Not sure in which release this change is done.But if we specify the community target types in the meta file we can do this.
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Lookup records not diplay in Experience Cloud for Guest Profile

1.Does the guestuser have access to the object? 2.Did you review the sharing rules and org-wide default of the object? Do check that. For a Guestuser to be able to see records , he needs a sharing ...
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Deploying Experience site fails due to 'The value for urlPathPrefix in ExperienceBundle isn't valid. Check the value and try again.' with VS Code

I am embellishing on the earlier answers which helped me solve the same problem. I had this same problem but the answers did not make sense to me because I did not believe that I had changed the URL. ...
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Can I edit the default Digital Experience site's 'Reset Password' page?

Standard page cannot be edited but instead can be replaced by a custom Visualforce page or Flexipage. There are multiple articles and examples on the implementation. Flexi Page (Experience Builder ...
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