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How to create Multiple Pages using Different Page Layout but using Same URL

You can use a feature called page variation to generate different versions of the same page. This does not change url and you can render different layouts for different audience by assigning ...
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LWC div id coming with extra "-0" when loaded in a Salesforce Community

I was implementing a way for an external cookie manager to display the policy on a Salesforce community page. Converting my cookie policy LWC into an Aura component seemed to fix this issue. The Aura ...
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Dashboards in Salesforce Customer Community

Please refer following articles to do so :
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Error When deploying Experience Bundle to Related to Variations Folder on the Bundle

The solution for me to this error message was to delete that file cause it was a deprecated one. At the same time the reference was at a deprecated page that I had removed from the org but not from my ...

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