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How to call Toast msg from LWC to Visualforce page (Toast message in VF page)

use this code snippet inside the script tag,and above the $Lightning.use code that's it nothing else : **document.addEventListener('lightning__showtoast', event => {
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The elusive 'Delete' button on "Individual Application" (Grantmaking)

I work at Salesforce for a different team that also interacts with IndividualApplication entity The delete standard button is completely excluded in the internal codebase for IndividualApplication so ...
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Change the Case tabs to the Subject instead of the Case Number in Lightning(Service Cloud)

I achieved this using Aura component and controller. Below images shows Case subject instead of Case Number.
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Named credentials are not able to see in profile

Grant "Read" access to "UserExternalCredential" sObject for your profile from for which you are making the callout. Profile-->yourProfile-->Object Settings-->...
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Auto populating default values from Lightning button not working

It was one of the weirdest thing I came to know about Salesforce. The lightning button worked when I changed the code as shown below. /lightning/o/Custom_Request__c/new?recordTypeId=0127ZyyyyyyyyyQAK&...
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Make lightning:inputRichText length longer

This worked for me. It retains the side slider when you've added more lines of text. .THIS .ql-editor.slds-rich-text-area__content {min-height:800px;}
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Lightning layout issue when containing accordion

The Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) CSS won't work correctly unless you follow the rules. In this case, a lightning-accordion-section should be placed directly inside the lightning-accordion....
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Quick Action on related list

This is alternate way not straight forward. First you need to create a lighting action button in Parent Object(Account). Then you go to Child Object(Contact) create a new Listview button pass the ...
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How to get search strings from global search?

The only way I am aware, for the standard global search, is via Event Monitoring. Sadly it has an additional cost. I only had very brief access to Event Monitoring, but when I did I downloaded offline ...
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The experience `devName` attribute is returning and invalid name for `File_Related_List__c` route

The issue you are facing has been identified as a Known issue (#W-14394846) associated with the Winter'24 release. At the moment, there's no estimated time for the bug fix. However, I recommend ...
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