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As the error message suggests, there is no relevant data for the "activity" as it is not mapped to any specific record. You need to add the Activity component to the "record detail" page in the community for it to show the information related to the specific record. The same applies to other components like Feed, Feed publisher, Feed ...


Go to Setup > Sharing Setting > Search for object > Click on "New" button > Create a Sharing Rule as Name not equal to '' > Share with Guest User of your community and Save.


Please check below code Id Userid = UserInfo.getUserId(); List<ContentWorkspace> contentWorkSpaces = [SELECT Id, Name FROM ContentWorkspace]; List<ContentWorkspaceMember> ContentWorkspaceMemberadd = new List<ContentWorkspaceMember>(); for (ContentWorkspaceMember iterator : [ SELECT ContentWorkspaceId, ...


You'll have to download login history. You can export 6 months worth of history from Setup, or download using Data Loader. Reference


The solution, as in many salesforce things was simple: forget the problem, remake it all over - for the 3rd time. Thanks!


Access to a community is based on the assignment of one or more profiles to the community. Any user that is using one of those profiles has access. Make this assignment by clicking on the "Workspaces" link then on the "Administration" tile then on the "Members" tab, and adding one or more profiles: Note: do not remove the "...

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