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How set font size on a lightning-button-menu?

How do I access that font attribute? In general, you don't. The Shadow DOM specifically prevents unlimited access to the inside of a closed component: CSS styles defined in a parent component don’t ...
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Refer static resource in css of lightning component in Managed Packages

Solved: I just need to add the namespace in the static resource reference: background: url("/resource/MyNamespace__fivestar/stars.svg");
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LWC Tabset - edit size of lightning-tab

No, this is not possible. First of all, there is no respective option in the documentation you're pointing out. There are neither any respective styling hooks listed in the context of the Lightning ...
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Make lightning:layoutItem fill the remaining screen space

As of Spring 2023, some styling hooks are no longer global, so I had trouble with Anton's solution. This was my workaround... renderedCallback() { const position = this.template.querySelector(&...
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Changing lightning-card height

By default when you use the lightning-card CSS apply display: inline;. That's why when you apply your custom CSS for the height will not apply. You can try setting the display to something other than ...
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CSS styling hooks not applying for lightning-badge in LWC

--slds-c-badge-color-background: rgb(6, 6, 155); is working in my case. Can you check following? Make sure the CSS file name is correct. It should be exactly same as component name. Make sure the CSS ...
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How does persistent browser caching work internally?

What the option does is exactly what it says: enables caching on the client side (the users' browsers) to improve performance by reducing the number of calls to Salesforce's servers. This includes not ...
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Colspan not working in SLDS lightning Salesforce LWC

rowspan isn't working, because you put it on the div instead of the td. However, you'll need to change more than just that. SLDS just isn't compatible with rowspan; the styles end up forcing the cells ...
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JS classList not working

Instead of selecting the lwc button by name we can select it by the data-id attribute like below : for(let j of this.visualPickerData){ if(j.pDetail.length <= 1){ const buttons = this.template....
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Align DIV bottom of the next page in pdf file

The solution in this link worked for me: If your div blocks already have ...
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