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Disable Create Permission from Profile, this will remove that New button Change Visualforce Page Controller to 'Without Sharing' mode, this will allow users to create records even if they do not have the permission at profile level


Maybe .slds-dropdown.slds-dropdown--center.slds-nubbin--top { border-color: red; }


Is it just a matter of giving it the correct parameters to generate the output with the correct design tokens applied? You're pretty close! In order to replicate the compact display using a static CSS file, do the following: Clone and use the SLDS repo Open up design-tokens/primitive/spacing.yml Update all the VAR_* tokens (e.g. VAR_SPACING_SMALL) to your ...


A single line of CSS should solve all your issues. .table--header { position: sticky; } This acts in a similar way to position: fixed but will keep the element within your component. But, it still takes up its relative space (which is handy if your table has less the height: 450px; worth of content....


You can do this in LWC you just need to add hideDefaultActions: true to each column when you declare those in the .js file, not to the attributes in the .html file. const columns = [ { label: 'Name', fieldName: 'Name', wrapText: true, hideDefaultActions: true } ];

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