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My wild ass guess is that Contact has a required standard field that's can't be written to. And to find the exact field - put the logic into a unit test. Start with a method that has one runas user - the customer community user. Duplicate the problem. Then fix that with a method that has two runas users - one with a customer community profile - and another ...


Has per @KrisGoncalves's comment, I updated the Sharing Set to allow Read/Write for the selected Account and it started to work. UPDATE: I realized why read/write sharing is required for Account. Since Account is the parent (in sharing terms) for Contact and Contact is the master details parent for Ticket__c, I actually have to have write sharing on Account ...


Check your Site Title. From Builder, go to Settings > General > Site Title.


I found a solution by using .comm-navigation__item .slds-container_fluid it's only working if I use .slds-container_fluid. I wonder whether this is a solid solution? Any recommendations, would you suggest to go that way?

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