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Select Child Component in LWC when it is present multiple times

you can use data-id <c-cs_autocomplete data-id="caseResolution" onselectionchange={handleResolutionChange} label="Case Resolution"> you need to specify your data-id. this....
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Connected Callback and RenderedCallback not getting called 2nd time

Its like getting cached. It's not like it's getting cached, it is getting cached. This is a performance enhancing feature. Is there any way to call lwc component everytime i swtich between tabs, ...
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Apex call returns successfully after errror, resulting in issues

As @sfdcfox pointed out, it seems indeed there was an issue that the user was able to press the button twice, with calls conflicting each other. I implemented a way to disable the button until it ...
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Jest test for lwc modal

Your assertions are not waiting for DOM to re-render. After you click the anchor tag, the changes to the elements will a take a while to reflect in the jsdom. const flushPromises = async () => ...
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[LWC} Passing object records from parent to child results in undefined but not when fields are passed

I think your suspicion makes sense What if instead of using this condition <div if:false={_isLoading}> <c-my-child-component opportunity-record={opportunityRecord}> </div> You use ...
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