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GetInstance and GetValues (Custom Setting)

Yes, the input parameter of those methods is a reference to a String object. When you declare a literal string (i.e. 'something') you are indeed creating a new object, then you could explicitly assign ...
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How to store UI Preference based on User

Since you want it global, you'll need to store the preferences as data on the Salesforce org. I would recommend using a record associated with the user, ensuring that there is only one "UI ...
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Securely Storing Oauth Credentials for Apex Callouts

With Winter '23 the preferred approach would be to (safely) store your secrets as 'External Credentials' using the re-architected Named Credentials architecture. See:
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Any way possible to move multiple Set<String> into Custom Setting or Custom Metadata?

There are a number of different options here. I've provided two, both based on Custom Metadata Types. You should avoid Custom Settings unless you need the data to vary by user or profile (and even ...
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