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This has been the case since aura days, unfortunately, there is no way in LWC/Aura to get Hierarchical CS. I have raised this idea few years back which you can upvote:


Rather than using a Custom Setting, create a new unique External Id Text field on Activities (which includes Task and Event) to store the Call Id. Your code cannot reasonably expect to maintain a persistent mapping between Call Ids and Task Ids in Custom Settings. Instead, store the Call Id on the Task object itself, and handle updates by upserting ...


Another solution would be to try to build a text field (i.e. [Case].Case_Spam_Subects__c) associated with a workflow rule. The workflow rule can trigger off a checkbox (i.e. [Case].Mark_as_spam__c) which will append the [Case].Case_Spam_Subects__c text field with the tagged Spam Case subject line. That way you don't need to update your list manually and you ...

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