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I don't know for sure about the different environments issue (Sandbox vs Production), but one issue that I'm pretty sure of is that there is a case sensitivity mismatch here. In the prereq object, I see that the field is defined as: Other_Academic_institution__c However, in the console log and commented out if statement, you have the field defined as: ...


Don't forget that if you have a custom action (for example - create a task under a specific record type) that you need to add that record type on the profile. Otherwise, the action will NOT be visible on the component or the page.


The types for your key and value on your inner map are String and Decimal, but you instead put tp.TechDayMonthYear_2__c and tp.AttendanceRate_2__c, which are not even types, hence the compile error. Your inner map should instead be: new Map<String, Decimal> { tp.TechDayMonthYear_2__c => tp.AttendanceRate_2__c }


You need to set these permissions in the Profile object. They are called fieldPermissions, which states if each field is readable, editable, and the name of the field: <fieldPermission> <editable>true</editable> <readable>true</editable> <field>Account.CustomField__c</field> </fieldPermission> You may ...

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