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Salesforce formula for multiple picklist values

Raj is right in that you need an or but it wasn't complete to your question so I wanted to be more explicit. IF( OR( NOT(ISPICKVAL(Status, 'New')), NOT(ISPICKVAL(Status, 'In-Progress')), NOT(...
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Salesforce formula for multiple picklist values

IF( AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL( Status , 'New')), NOT(ISPICKVAL( Status , 'In-Progress')), NOT(ISPICKVAL( Status , 'Escalated'))) && NOW() > EndDate, TRUE, FALSE) In you're formula the issue is ...
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PicklistValueInfo does not returns Custom object's picklist records but only returns standard object's picklist records

Or in one step... SELECT Value,Label,IsActive FROM PicklistValueInfo WHERE EntityParticle.EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName = 'Client_Master__c' AND EntityParticle.QualifiedApiName = 'Status__c'
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How to modify the height of a lightning-combobox dropdown?

you can try = slds-dropdown_length-10
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Record types, with their corresponding reason and subreasons

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do this via a SOQL query. Your best bet is the UI API, which you can query via Salesforce Workbench. Go to Utilities, REST Explorer and do a GET request to ...
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