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Unable to remove "Complete this Field" on Cancel button click from lwc input type

Once we decide to implement custom validation, everything has to be implemented custom including removing the 'required' attribute, the red asterix and messages. I implemented this custom, considering ...
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Problem with migration of Community

If anyone runs into the same problem, you'll need to enable Knowledge in both orgs, retrieve and deploy again.
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ERROR No subscriber package version found for package id 'XXX' while creating package in CI/CD

Two additional causes of this error message when running the newer sf package install: omitting the Installation Key if one was provided during package version creation providing the wrong ...
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How to pass selected record Ids from related list to flow URL?

Creating ids Variable First things first, I need to introduce you to the variable “ids”. ids variable is a Salesforce system variable, which allows you to pass multiple record ids into it. I will show ...
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Scratch Orgs with Account Engagement (Pardot) package basic setup, advice needed

I also had this ConnectApi error when I was installing Pardot in a scratch org. I was able to successfully install the Pardot package after I enabled the B2BCommerce feature. I also put the ...
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Packaging Reports containing field to field comparisons

Confirmed with Salesforce support that this is a limitation in the retrieval of metadata but it's undocumented. So where the report contains a field to field comparison e.g. <filter> <...
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SFDX SonarQube code coverage

Feel free to use my Salesforce CLI plugin if your Apex is imported into a Git repo following the Salesforce DX structure - This plugin will ...
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VS Code deploying takes too long

This might be related to the Apex settings. Disable the synchronous compile option.
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Import Sandbox with Test Data for non developers

Yes. You should be able to use a GitHub Action, such that a user with sufficient permissions can automatically log in and have the data populated. Integrations with Jenkins or Cumulus CI shouldn't ...
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Migrating (backing up) SFDX authenticated logins to a new machine

I just did this on a new Windows 10 machine and it worked by just copying across the .sfdx folder. I'm using v2.28.7.
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Which AI tools are able to generate code for Salesforce development?

This is about an year later, but I have had great success with Einstein for Developers: Knows the code base, makes good guesses based even on method name and comment prompts. Sadly I can't compare ...
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Salesforce Connected App (sfdx)

You'll want to check out Package Connected Apps in Second-Generation Managed Packaging for more information. In summary, though, you need to create a 1GP, create the Connected App in the Packaging Org,...
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Account.SalesforceCustomer field missing

As mentioned in comments, Enabling Connection Finder in an org and try to re-deployment should fix the issue.
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I cannot delete a scratch org by running sfdx force:org:delete cmd

Last answer use deprecated SF command. But you can use the new SF command : sf org delete scratch --target-org [your-org-user-name]
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OmniStudio licenses for Scratch Org

These two new features will enable OmniStudio to the scratch org: { "features": [ "OmniStudioDesigner", "OmniStudioRuntime" ] } Although they are not ...
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SFDX deploy , item not found in zipped directory

This can also happen if the file being deployed has a mis-match with the file contents. For example, I had a file named User_Id__c.field-meta.xml, but the file contents defined the field as <...
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Is Deployment of Queues not supported from sfdx CLI

For those who are still looking into this, cli command has been updated. Plus you do not necessarily have to specify file location. You can go with metadata type. sf project deploy start -m Queue:...
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