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What is the proper way to format a formula field so that it is properly spaced

Spacing and parenthesis in the formula itself are mostly about making the formula itself easy for people to read. To achieve what you're looking for, you need to use more string concatenation (either +...
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Created formula field based on condition

Replace fields by API Name of your fields - IF(ISPICKVAL(Source, 'Social'), TEXT(Work_Start_Date__c) & DS_Employee_Number__c & DS_Absence_Type__c, '') The return type should be text. You have ...
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Custom Field Not Showing Up for Opportunity Product

If this were not a formula field, you would need to add the field to the multi-line layout. At the top of the page layout editor for your opportunity product, click Edit Multi-Line Layout. ...
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IF AND statement not returning correct results

Percent fields are expressed as a decimal (percent means "per 100 parts"). For example, if you pay 5% tax, you'd calculate it as Amount * 1.05; Salesforce stores the percent as a decimal. ...
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Find line break in formula field

You can also do this directly in a Salesforce Flow. Create a text template variable of type plain text. In the example it is called "text_T_baseForCRLF" In the text template write the ...
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Formula Field gives error (Compiled formula is too big to execute (15,366 characters). Maximum size is 15,000 characters (Related field: Formula))

What are the compiled costs of each formula function should provide some good insight. As for a specific recommendation, look at using CASE() instead of that mess of nested IF().
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