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Formula to check if field value is changed and not null in Flow

As per @prem22's comment, I was able to reproduce the flow with the information you provided and it did what was required. I used the Account object Triggers on record update When the PersonMobile ...
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Formula field does not recognize "System Administrator" profile name

If you use $Profile.Name = 'System Administrator' it will consider the profile name of the running user. But If you want to compare System Administrator profile of the user record. Try IF(Profile.Name ...
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Formula field syntax exceeds character length limit

Counting how many fields are not blank is definitely a superior approach to enumerating every possible combination of non-blank fields. The CASE() approach is fine, but now that I take a look at it, ...
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Formula field syntax exceeds character length limit

After re-working the formula from @Phip W suggestion, I vastly reduced the number of characters. Here is the improved formula for reference to others encountering a similar issue: CASE( IF(ISBLANK(...
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