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Extracting Metadata for Contact Role on Account

The new approach (API version 38.0 and later) to get/deploy this metadata is: <types> <members>AccountContactMultiRoles</members> <name>StandardValueSet</name> &...
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Custom Metadata Type Records Mass Insert

Please make sure that the csv files you are using for uploading custom metadata records has column for all the fields of the custom metadata even if that fields doesn't have any value on that record.
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Custom Metadata Types Relationship

This is not possible. The Metadata Relationship to Profile would be an Entity Relationship and as you can see from a sample row taken from Manage Records that Profile is not available Field ...
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Mass Insert Custom Metadata

You can import Custom Medatadata object by import CSV file using SalesforceCLI. You can check link below to get detail(format CSV, command line to import data csv) Refer link: https://blog.bessereau....
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