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I think you just need to change the related contact layout on accont. That will work for you.


Fields are coming from the same page layout related list fields configurations. Like go to Edit Page -> Account Layout which is applicable for the current User/RT (you can see the name of the assigned layout on flexi page) -> go to Layout -> click on Related list -> and configure the fields to be displayed under quick links related list here.


That is part of the your Account's page layout configuration. You can add the columns in the Contacts Related List section on the account page layout.


Create an Apex controller for your page and set DML options for insert: Database.DMLOptions optionsForInsert = new Database.DMLOptions(); optionsForInsert.DuplicateRuleHeader.AllowSave = true; List<Database.SaveResult> ans = Database.insert(toInsertList, optionsForInsert);


The problem lies in your Apex class. You were getting the system.stringException. See the image below. It is because you were assigning a string value to ID type field in your apex method(Id result = '';). So when your trying to assign an empty value for Id field we have to specify null keyword instead of an empty space('') Replace your apex method with ...

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