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Actually, you MAY HAVE contacts without accounts. However, you can create them only programmatically, via APEX or API. You cannot create such a contact from a Standard UI and if you created a contact without an account via APEX, you will not be able to edit it from a Standard Salesforce UI unless specifying an Account on it. So the natural way to deal with ...


You cannot do this from a single SOQL query using FROM Opportunity. You'll either need a second query (and some additional processing) or to switch your query to be on Account instead. SOQL makes it simple (though tedious) to traverse up a relationship hierarchy, but really limits what we can do to query down a relationship hierarchy. We can only traverse ...


For anyone who's having this issue 7 years later :) Next to the name of the list view, there's a pin icon. Click it to pin the list view as your default.


Looks like the outlook is creating calendar birthday events automatically when new contact records are created in Outlook and because you set up Einstein Activity Capture, those events are syncing to Salesforce. This is basic functionality of Outlook that if you create a new contact record and you fill out the birthday field, it will automatically create a ...

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