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Person Account Custom Field

There may be some possible reasons why this is happening, such as: The custom field is not added to the page layout for the Person Account record type. In Setup, go to Object Manager and select ...
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Prevent the merge of Contacts from different accounts

As the error is saying IsMerge is not a valid field in Contact object (standard), unless you created a custom field called IsMerge. Your formula seems right, without the IsMerge line. AND( NOT(...
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Unable to update contacts using TaskRelation object after being removed from Task

The Salesforce Object Ref documentation says to use getDeleted() for TaskRelation: IsDeleted - Indicates whether a task has been deleted; label is Deleted. When a TaskRelation record is deleted, it ...
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Unable to merge contacts which enabled as portal users

I would surmise that the running user needs per the doc For Partner Portal contacts Delete on Contacts and Manage Partners For Customer Portal Contacts Delete on Contacts Edit Self Service users ...
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