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Change the Case tabs to the Subject instead of the Case Number in Lightning(Service Cloud)

I achieved this using Aura component and controller. Below images shows Case subject instead of Case Number.
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Salesforce - Hide/ show list view button based on profile

You'll have to create a separate layout for your specific profiles, then click the wrench icon for the Case related list, click the Buttons banner at the bottom, and then you can disable the standard ...
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How to Route Replies to Salesforce Email Alerts Back into Salesforce Instead of Outlook Inbox?

Updated the "From Email Address" on the Email Alert.
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Internal Case is automatically shared with external contact if "Contact Name" field is populated with the external contact

Salesforce has added in the Case Sharing Settings a checkbox option "Grant site users access to related cases". Basically gives read access to the Case if you are the Case.Contact. You can ...
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