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Update Case Owner based on Account Team Member

This is a simple three step process. First, use Get Records to find the Account Team Member. Next, see if a record was returned. If so, we use the Update Records element to assign the new Owner.
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How we can give access of a case to predefined case teams

Create Case Assignment Rules: In the Quick Find box, type "Case Assignment Rules" and select it. Create a new rule or edit an existing one. Define Rule Entries: Add rule entries that ...
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Best way to lessen the characters used in a formula field

You can rely on some common patterns in your example and use the CONTAINS function within nested IFs with the last else use case being the CASE to handle odd-balls IF (CONTAINS(...
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Best way to lessen the characters used in a formula field

If I were to address this requirement, I would introduce an object to represent the various programs (e.g. Program__c) and have that object hold both the program name and the type of institution. I'd ...
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Move one status to another doesn't work in Kanban View of Case

Are their any validation rules that may be blocking the status change? I tried your scenario above; we have validation rules that require a case type and subtype be entered prior to change of status - ...
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