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"Opportunity Record Type" standard field not showing correct value

As per the documentation, Deactivating a record type means that no new records can be created with the record type. However, any records that were previously created with the record type are still ...
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Flow Copying a Value To a different field - Editable Fields

On the assumption that the ARR Booking field is on your Opportunity object, you want something like the following Fast Field Updates flow: On create or update of Opportunity: Entry conditions: "...
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Trying to Bypass Validation Rule within Flow

If you are referring standard validation rule on object then I would recommend to tweak your validation rule rather than flow. If you have the condition which you were planning to use during flow ...
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Validation Rule Conflicting with Process builder

One way to get around this is using following workaround: Create a new field on the opportunity called LastModifiedByFlow__c. Can be simple text field In the validation rule adjust, that it does not ...
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