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Integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Ionic-Angular

Good afternoon, I'm integrating the mobilePushSdk into a hybrid application in Ionic-Angular. Is there any example of integration with the SDK?
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Push notifications not recieving in android in hybrid app

We are developing an hybrid app in ionic and we want to implement push notifications feature using this plugin( have followed all the ...
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(iOS) Issue concerning system token using Cordova plugin

I am developing a mobile application using Ionic and I've tried to include the MC-Cordova plugin ( The point is that I have everything ...
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Whitelist ionic://localhost in Salesforce Org for CORS

We are doing REST calls from JavaScript in an IONIC mobile app. Which calls the APIs of Salesforce by using a connected App. On the development machine, we are able to call the standard Salesforce ...
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Set up Live Agent on hybrid (Angular/Ionic) app

I've been reading about implementing Live Agent into Angular/Ionic app and the documentation only provides information for iOS and Android native apps. I also tried standard method we already ...
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Unable to register device token to Salesforce user - iOS Hybrid app

I am trying to send a message from Salesforce to iOS Mobile Device, for this I have chosen the Push Notification feature. My application developed in the Hybrid Application(Cordova, Ionic, Angular). ...
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Hybrid MCCordovaPlugin not compatible Android 4.4 to 6.0

We are building an application with Ionic 4 and Angular , we are trying to implement MCCordovaPlugin in our application, but we have some issues with it. We want our application to work on Android 4.4 ...
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Establish JSForce Connection through Google Authentication

I am developing an application with the Ionic Framework, and my requirement is to login to Salesforce, make a connection to JSForce to be able to use their REST API. I will try and explain this ...
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2 answers

MCCordovaPLugin - Package R does not exist

I'm traying integrate Marketing Cloud Push Notifications using MCCordovaPlugin with Ionic 3, in iOS works fine, but when I compile for Android, console sends Error: Package R does not exist ...
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Can you send push notifications to an Ionic hybrid app using Marketing Cloud?

Does anyone know if it is possible to send mobile push notifications from Marketing Cloud 'MobilePush' to a hybrid mobile app (built using the Ionic framework)? All the developer documentation I have ...
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Ionic2 & SalesforceMobileSDK-CordovaPlugin not working toghter

did any of you succeeded in impl ionic2 (3.0.0) & SalesforceMobileSDK plugin?? i just want the OAuth2 flow (login screen etc..). i saw this tutorial
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Ionic 2 salesforce connecting but streaming api subscription not working

here is the full code: import { Component } from '@angular/core'; import { NavController } from 'ionic-angular'; import * as jsforce from "jsforce"; @Component({ selector: 'page-home', ...
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oauthPlugin.getAuthCredentials does not return anything

Am trying to solve the issue that is described here: Cannot find module 'forcejs'. while using angular 2 in ionic 2 Am trying to follow the solution that Kaushik Ray has provided but can ...
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Cannot find module 'forcejs'. while using angular 2 in ionic 2

I am working as a noob on my ionic 2 / ang 2 application. I am trying to set it up to use forcejs auth implementation. Now I create a basic app following the ionic 2 tutorial here - http://...
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