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Do LWR Digital Experiences support the audience mechanism?

Audiences allow Aura Digital Experiences to present alternate content - page variations - based on location or record or user or permission attributes. The LWR Template Limitations do not say that LWR ...
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What is an alternative option to Audience Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Our goal is to allow users within SFMC platform to be able to create audience / segmentation with drag and drop options (even if users are non-technical and got no experience with SQL). Current state: ...
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Target Lookaliks using Journey Builder (Advertising Studio) [closed]

I want to use Journey Builder to only target the Lookalikes for new client acquisition. Is it possible? I don't see any option to create Lookalikes in journey builder.
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Community Cloud Navigation Bars and Audiences - How do they interact?

I'm building a Community implementation and attempting to stick to OOTB functionality as far as is possible. I'd like to assign certain pages to certain audiences. Is there any way for navigation bars ...
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Marketing Cloud - Create a Data Extension by filtering out Subscribers

big Marketing Cloud Noob here! I have inherited the admin Role in the Company in Marketing Cloud and I cannot make ends meet. My Company regularly sends emails to their subscribers and professionals ...
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Can additional colours be added to Branding Sets?

Can Branding Sets be extended to add additional colour options? I have a custom Aura theme layout, and added some design attributes (<design:attribute>), but as far as I know, they can't be set ...
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Get Navigation Menu for Experience Cloud User based on Audience

I am attempting to create an LWC component for my orgs Experience cloud related to navigation. I'd like to get the navigation menu for the current user that is based on the audience they are in. My ...
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Experience Cloud Audience Conditions

We have two audiences, Gold|Plat and Group 1. Those two audiences are used as conditions for other two Gold|Plat Group 1 and Not Gold|Plat Group 1. Obviously, to be member of Gold|Plat Group 1 you ...
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Is it possible to use Audience in custom aura component?

We have a custom aura component on Community and we would like to build logic based on the Audience set for the page where the component is. Is it possible to query the current Audience within the ...
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Send SMS messages to a Salesforce data extension

We are storing our audiences into a Salesforce DE, and we would like to use the same audiences for our SMS messages. However, when we want to select an audience in MobileConnect, we don't have access ...
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In Ad Studio, what happens when a contact is removed from the source data extension for an audience?

I'm trying to understand how syncing of advertising audiences works in Ad Studio. In this situation, there is a single ad audience with a data extension as the source. Here are two scenarios: Data ...
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How do I add a field to the list of filterable attributes in Audience Builder?

My organization has a new requirement for filtering audiences, however, the field did not exist when we stood up Audience Builder. The field exists in a Synchronized Data Extension that is already ...
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How to access the list of Audience that includes the current user in the salesforce community?

according to the salesforce documentation, we can get the list of Audience those includes a specific user using Personalization class. But when I run the apex class by passing the required parameters, ...
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How to Make Advanced Navigation for Audiences in Communities?

I have a complex use case that involves audiences and navigation menu options but I don't know how to solve this puzzle using standard functionality. My company is building a community that will have ...
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Creating Salesforce Community Audience Criteria based on some custom options such as API calls or any apex/lightning code

We are trying to utilize the Salesfroce audience feature to give a personalized experience to the customers. In our use case, we have a customer community for guest users(not using customer community ...
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SFMC Audience Builder Audience into Journey

We have just implemented SFMC Audience Builder and I want an audience to be injected into journey builder after it is published. What is the best way to do this? I thought I could use automation ...
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How to check who created an advertising audience

Is there any way to check who (user) created an audience in the Advertising studio => advertising audiences.
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Deploy Community Builder audience page assignments with ant migration tool?

In Community Builder, if you create audiences and assign them to page variations, you cannot deploy these using change sets, according to Considerations for Deploying Communities with Change Sets. In ...
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