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Set property aura component ''Start hero under header'' on custom Theme Layout Component

I need to set this theme setting of standard Theme Layout Starter: In custom Theme Layout Component like this: To get this result, the header inside the hero, example: Thank you
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LWR Site layout same header slot on every page

Based on the Build Your Own template I am trying to create a layout with a header slot and a body slot. But I want the header slot to contain the same components the user selected on EVERY PAGE. How ...
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Can additional colours be added to Branding Sets?

Can Branding Sets be extended to add additional colour options? I have a custom Aura theme layout, and added some design attributes (<design:attribute>), but as far as I know, they can't be set ...
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A CommThemeLayoutPage flexi-page installed from a managed package appears to be neither editable or updatable

We have a Community (AKA Digital Experience) packaged including LWCs and many flexi-pages (of type CommAppPage) that leverage a couple of theme flexipages (of type CommThemeLayoutPage). I can find no ...
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The aura component implementing the "forceCommunity:themeLayout" interface is not being fully reloaded during navigation

BACKGROUND I'm implementing the Salesforce Lightning Community. I have 2 community pages with 2 different custom layouts (implementing the forceCommunity:themeLayout interface). I'm facing the issue ...
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Error when deploy experience bundle community using Ant migration tool

I am deploying the community experience bundle using Ant migration tool and I am receiving the following error. themes/buildYourOwn.json needs to be a Theme Layout Component. Update the file and try ...
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Load different themes by user in Community

I have a community site. I have two different themes. Can I load different themes at runtime? For some users, I want to show the Theme1, and for others, I want to show 'Theme2'. The whole thing is, I ...
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adding custom components to Community page header w/ Jepson theme

We would like to add a custom lightning component (LWC) to the header of our Community, so that it shows up on all the community pages. We have done this in the past w/ the older Customer Account ...
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How to remove the padding around a Salesforce Lightning Community page?

When you editing the community page from SFDC, even though you configure the page width to be max, any of the content section () will have padding from top, right, bottom and left which is 12px. Is ...
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navBar is not displayed on custom community theme layout

I am trying to implement a custom community theme layout and add use default navigation bar there. For now, I am using Stella pre-built theme and the navigation bar is not displayed there. However, if ...
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How can aura components with open regions be nested inside custom theme layout components for communities?

The only official reference for creating a custom theme layout components for communities I was able to found is from the lighting aura components developer guide. In order to leave a region open for ...
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How do I change the theme of a record page to have a gradient background?

I want to setup a gradient background and not use the themes that are available with SF. I tried creating a new theme where it takes a background image but that is shown only in the top of the screen ...
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SLDS - Responsive classes not recognised in Aura Component implementing Custom Theme Layout

I'm attempting to build a Community with a Custom Theme Layout. As part of that, I'm trying to style the component to be responsive. However, when I'm in the builder, I've been able to get @media ...
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