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Audience Builder not reflecting in Journey Builder

I created a list under Contacts Builder -> All contacts for Mobile Push I go to journey builder select Audience but for some reason it says there are no audiences to select?
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Data source for Audience Builder and Contact Builder

I am trying to understand how the Audience Builder and Contact Builder works. I went through a lot of documentation online but couldn't really find the accurate answer for the data source for these ...
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Implications of deleting from All Contacts

Our organization is cleaning up our All Contacts list. I'm wondering - when the contact is deleted form All Contacts, will they also be removed from any auto suppression lists they may be on? I just ...
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What's the difference between Audience Builder and Audience Studio?

I see both regularly in articles and help guides. I use Audience Builder regularly but haven't seen anything called Audience Studio within Marketing Cloud. Are these the same thing? Or is Audience ...
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How do I add a field to the list of filterable attributes in Audience Builder?

My organization has a new requirement for filtering audiences, however, the field did not exist when we stood up Audience Builder. The field exists in a Synchronized Data Extension that is already ...
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