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Is there a way to report on attachments?

You might want to consider the declarative roll-up summary tool. You would have to build a roll-up for each object but it would ...
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Is there a way to report on attachments?

Hope all of you are doing well! I have developed an app which can help you in getting the required information. This app works for all Custom as well as Standard object. By using this app you can - ...
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Calculate percentage of checkboxes

Add at least one grouping to your report, and then you can add a summary formula for the checkbox: Consent__c:AVG.
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How to use a string function for a report to select only some characters for the group row or column

You can add a row-level formula give it a name (for example MyRowLevelFormular) and use this formula: MID(external_id, 1, 2) Like this Then move it to the group rows section (for details see row-...
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Access to Dashboard in salesforce

@kirito, I believe this object field has access to PortalUsers, but not able to display dashboard components. For display this dashboard to portal user, you should share this folder with Portal user....
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Is there a way to report on attachments?

Sharing my bit of knowledge in 2024: Salesforce still partially supports reporting on notes and attachments/files. Reference: You can ...
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