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Reporting on Note

We've launched a free app on the AppExchange that allows for reporting on Enhanced Note content based on filters of parent records. It lets anyone with the permissions run reports on Notes they have ...
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Report Type – Ant Deployment Errors (Invalid Field Name & Duplicate Value Found)

If the field is not in the report type, it will throw this error too.
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Is there a way to generate the "Push Message Detailed Report" or "Mobile Push Data Extract Report" for all BU?

I would make a workaround that there is automation in each of my BU, it will pull and push the data into one place. This is due to Push data, you pull from a BU that belongs to that BU, so you need to ...
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Inline editing in reports - page layout for this record doesn't allow edits

Make sure at least one of your fields on the report is a summary field. If not, it locks all of them. This took me several hours to figure out.
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Can we create report on custom setting in Salesforce?

No, we cannot create a report on a custom setting in Salesforce. Custom settings are not reportable objects, and they do not appear in the report builder or the report type editor. Custom settings are ...
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Can we create report on custom setting in Salesforce?

Custom settings were never meant to be used for this purpose, so you cannot report on them. You can query and search for them in the API and Apex, though.
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Pull in field from an unrelated object into a report based off text

It's not possible to define a relationship when creating reports in Salesforce. The relationship needs to be defined before the report is created. What you can do is create a Lookup(Contact) field on ...
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