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You can't track outbound links from Cloud Pages, as they are not being redirected through the tracker domain, unlike links from emails. If you want, you can create a custom solution, where you will build your own redirect setup: Build a cloud page which will automatically redirect based on a url provided as requestparameter This cloud page should upsert ...


Discover usually is populated once per day as its a seperate reporting platform. You can usually find a Automation that is scheduled to run once per day which transfers all the data for the previous 24 hours. The non discover reports do run instantly. Hope this helps


You can build your own email (report) including the information you need including the number of subscribers. All you need to do is use the RowCount() ( or DataExtensionRowCount() ) in AMPscript to print your count in the email. Afterwords you'll set-up an automation running daily to send that email.


Have you tried setting up your org wide emails and verifying them? I would also do a deliver-ability test and give your IT department the email IP ranges needed by all the salesforce email servers. Our IT was a bit reluctant so I got them on a call with salesforce support to explain why this was needed and the salesforce support also convinced them to go ...


Yes, that is the standard behavior for Master-Detail relationships. The access to the detail record is determined by the access given for master. You can either provide access to the master records to specific users (through Sharing Rules) or you can maintain the lookup relationship between the two objects like you had and adjust your report to fit your ...

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