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In addition to all of the above, https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=VignaeshRamA.sfdx-package-xml-generator gives you a simple GUI for adding items to your manifest/package.xml.


Something that is related, but not exactly the same as how MavensMate allowed you to deploy Metadata is the VSCode Org Browser. Open Org Browser Refresh available metadata types in the org Default org Metadata type Metadata component Refresh components for metadata type Retrieve source for metadata component It is currently in Beta and ...


There isn't such a feature in the core bundle, nor does there need to be. VS Code handles multiple orgs without any problems, it's just different. You don't need to select individual files, because you can have as many folders as you need to organize your metadata. You no longer have a single src/classes folder, you can instead have core/classes, marketing/...

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