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You must have a site domain that you have bought using go daddy. Let's say it is When you will try to add this to Salesforce it will error out and give you the CNAME. Now you need to add that CNAME in godaddy settings. Once that is done it will be propagated to DNS servers all over the world. After that goto Salesforce and add you custom ...


Custom fields are just that. Fields that have been added to the standard Salesforce schema to tailor the data for each object. The user who creates the field can specify the field type and any applicable limitations, such as the maximum number of characters in a text field. These fields might be added to an Org via a managed package or through direct ...


You can use Salesforce Happy Soup, which provides 100% free Salesforce Impact Analysis. Happy Soup will tell you which email alerts are using your template, as well as which apex classes are using SOQL against the EmailTemplate object.


You could do this more efficiently with a Get element that queries your Object filtered by Timezone, sorted descending by Capacity, and returning just the first record. When you sort descending, the record with the max value will be first.

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