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Try matching the licenses in the target sandbox with Production by doing: Setup > Company Information > Match Production Licenses prior to your deployment. It worked for me.


Errors of this nature occur when a specific feature is not enabled and you try to deploy the object/field that the specific feature exposes. Try enabling In-App Guidance in your org before deploying.


The issue was in the retrieval of the Subscriber package version Id. cat result.json | jq '.result.SubscriberPackageVersionId' > packgeversionid.txt Retrieves the value behind the Key including the double quotes. What is actually necessary (and something I actually did elsewhere in the script beforehand... duh) is use jq -r to cut away the quotes. sfdx ...


You need to use either sfdx-git-delta Tool to create a dynamic package before running deployment or validation. You can even create one yourself by using git diff command, but this will be a full remake of what the above plugin already does. The steps are clearly mentioned in their readme file. And its open-source. ...

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