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Upload Metadata into Salesforce from GitHub

Andrew Fawcett's Deploy to Salesforce does exactly that. It's not the only option, but certainly one of the easiest. Other than that, for any arbitrary repo, just clone the repo locally, then use the ...
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Retrieving Profile with all Components Permissions using Metadata API

If you retireve the profile/permset using readMetadata api call, Salesforce returns full profile including all components access without having to retrieve the metadata for individual components. This ...
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Problem with PlatformEventSubscriberConfig user change being ignored

Solution in my Case: Open Setup > Platform Events Open Event Class with PlatformEventSubscriberConfig At Subscriptions click on Manage Suspend Subscription and activate it again. Now new config ...
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compactLayout removed from .object-meta.xml after "sf project retrieve start" or right click "SFDX: Retrieve source from org" 2GP

Solved my own problem. Posting this in case anyone else experiences something similar. It turns out my .forceignore file had a line for **layouts which unsurprisingly ignores layouts when uploading ...
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How to deactivate all flows via sf cli

ah I found appropriate syntax sf data update record --json --use-tooling-api --target-org $targetOrgAlias --sobject FlowDefinition --record-id $flowId --values "Metadata='{\"...
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Does it make sense to use ProfilePasswordPolicy metadata in an sfdx project?

Duh. The answer is "yes it does". SFDX works as expected. The new SFDX command structure includes his informative "preview" option that explains the root of my problem: sf project ...
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