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Deleting custom metadata records and impact on existing records

Nothing would happen. Those records are already saved, so it wouldn't cause any loss of data.
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Packaging Reports containing field to field comparisons

Confirmed with Salesforce support that this is a limitation in the retrieval of metadata but it's undocumented. So where the report contains a field to field comparison e.g. <filter> <...
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How get current layout name?

Try this to get the current layout. It retrieves the layout assigned to the user for a specific object and optionally based on the record type. public String getLayoutName(Id recordTypeId) { Record ...
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getObjectInfo/getPicklistValues permissions needed in public community

Setup -> All Sites -> Workspaces -> Preferences -> check the checkbox Allow guest users to access public APIs It works for me
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Deploy entire Customizations, Flow, Apex etc from a Developer Edition org to a new Production org

As mentioned above, you can pull all the other items, not just code, from the source org. The standard procedure would be to retrieve everything to files, then check into source control like git, ...
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